Our Team
Berkana Capital has assembled a premier team of private equity professionals, energy executives and technology partners. Our Managing Partners have more than 35 years of experience analyzing and structuring investments in energy companies and investment funds globally. They are bi-cultural Latin American professionals with successful careers in the U.S., strong networks with LAC GPs and energy sectors, and are strongly motivated to advance the energy and environmental sectors in LAC.
Berkana is developing strategic alliances with world-class technology partners to offer credible expertise and tested technologies to our investments.
Fund Highlights
Geographic focus: Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), with primary focus in Colombia, Mexico and Peru.
Investment strategy:


  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that provide solutions to industry and commerce; these projects are contract based and will generate periodic cash flows;

  • Growth of local mid-sized companies that develop projects or provide services in the clean energy and environmental sectors


Exit strategy: pre-negotiated terms in growth investments, and self-liquidating with structured cash flows for investments in projects.


Cofinancing: The Fund may mobilize investors' and third-party funding to compliment its own.

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​​Sergio A. Pombo





Areas of Focus


Energy solutions for mid-sized industries and commerce (up to 10 MW)

- Commercial solar

- Cogeneration

- Biomass

- Other clean energy solutions

Energy Efficiency

Waste and water management

Energy Services Companies

Advisory services to global institutional investors

Berkana One-Pager

Berkana is a Private Equity fund manager established to achieve superior medium-term capital appreciation, primarily in Colombia, Peru and Mexico. Visit this link for a one-page summary of the Fund in english.

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